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Forging Hot Iron

Metal Smiths

Bespoke laser cutting and steel fabrication

Laser Cutting

Why Choose Macki

Innovative Designs

Macki's design philosophy is premised on form, function, economy of inputs (material, labour, consumables,  energy, logistics and overheads) durability and customer satisfaction

Bespoke Service

Macki will go the extra mile to customise and personalise our product offering for our customers. You want your name on the product - no problem, you want a special colour - no problem. You want a special product - no problem, we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

Durable, High Quality Materials

Macki does not subscribe to disposable products and great care is taken to make products durable, fit for purpose and value over lifecycle

Proudly Local

Macki is a wholly South African owned Company supporting local suppliers and manufacturing all products inhouse. We believe that local is lekker and supporting local industry builds our economy.

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