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SKU: F00555

Macki is proud to introduce a market first.


The SPAVEL is a hybrid tool combining the functionality of a Shovel and a Spade in one simple very durable tool.


Essentially shovels are made for scooping and spades are made for digging. But why not have the best of both in one tool?

The SPAVEL has a flat blade to provide a cutting edge with which to dig into hard ground as when digging a foundation trench.


This flat blade is also ideally suited to mixing cement. It has higher sides (commonly associated with a shovel) that taper to the cutting face. These sides allow a greater carrying capacity. The cutting edge is sharpened and heat treated.


The combination of features provides a product that is unique in design and functionality to existing shovels and spades commonly used. The SPAVEL allows you to have one tool best suited for multiple applications, reducing costs while improving efficiency.

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